Respect my Husky family. So I hear you wanna support Husky Records. Great! This is how you do it. In the menu selections at the top of the page you'll see The Husky Live Event Fundraiser. Click on that link & purchase your Husky Records hoodie today. All proceeds go towards NEW recording & video camera equipment for the show. We want to upgrade our show production via purchasing new equipment that will allow us here at Husky Records to produce the BEST visual & audio in the marketplace. The independent artist who perform at our events are the next artist in line to blow. So support our movement & the independent artist. We're here to make em SHINE. Thank You for your support in advance.

The HUSKY LIVE Event takes place every Thursday at Chucks Alibi 7301 Oxford Ave
Admission: $5

Artist:Tha Bishop - Song Title: Peace Go Wit Ya Brotha
Artist: Tha Bishop - Song Title: When I'm Done
Artist: Tha Bishop - Song Title: The Other Dimension